LED Streetlights become Smart !!

2016 / 2 / 24

Intelligent Street Lights on Expressway along Taipei City county and River 

LED Street Lights become Intelligent!!

ITRI has cooperated with Taipei City government to install the first 『Intelligent Lighting Control system』on the Expressway along Taipei city and the county border river recently. The Intelligent Street Lights can be dimming during the low traffic at night to save the power, also due to the fail-safe function and monitoring return automatically system to reduce manpower. In the near future, 630 thousand of street lights will be eliminated if the Intelligent Lighting Control System tested successfully.

ITRI expressed, the LED intelligent Street Lights can use information communication technology and sensing network technology to monitor the streetlights status. The functions contain such as “Real-time surveillance”, “fail safe report”, “scheduling and dimming”.

When the light becomes unstable or error, the system will report the situation and the location immediately to inform the maintainers. In order to save the power, the scheduling function also can dim during the low traffic at night.

LED is more expensive but save 40% to 50% power. As installed in the future expansion of Taiwan street, it will save 360 million kWh per year.

Reference: Chinatime News


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