Keelung Wins ASOCIO Smart City Award, Sole Recipient in Taiwan

  2019/8/30 17:05 Central News Agency, Reporter Shen Rufeng, Keelung, 30th
The Keelung City government announced today that their recent efforts in promoting smart education, smart fishing ports, and smart firefighting have been impressive. They were recently awarded at the '2019 ASOCIO Smart City Awards' held in Thailand, making them the only city in Taiwan to receive this prestigious recognition.
The Keelung City government stated in a press release that the award is organized and evaluated by the Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization, a prominent representative of the information technology industry in the Asia-Pacific region. With the recommendation of the Information Software Association of the Republic of China, Keelung City consolidated its impressive achievements in promoting smart education, smart fishing ports, and smart firefighting in recent years to create a comprehensive entry.
The municipal government stated that the '2019 ASOCIO Smart City Awards' ceremony was held in Bangkok, Thailand on the 28th. A total of 9 cities from the Asia-Pacific region received awards, with Keelung City being the only city from Taiwan to receive this recognition.
"The municipal government stated that in the field of smart education, Mayor Lin Yu-chang has been increasing funding each year since taking office. They have been promoting the 'Digitalization in Every Classroom Program,' upgrading information equipment in classrooms across the city, enhancing campus network infrastructure, and establishing 'Smart Maker Classrooms' in every school.
In the realm of smart fishing ports, traditional fishing villages in Keelung City have been transformed into energy-efficient and intelligent lighting environments. In terms of smart firefighting, there has been a significant reduction in the time it takes for firefighters to arrive at the scene after receiving an emergency call, thereby improving the 'golden hour' for life-saving interventions.
Lin Yu-chang stated that Keelung City is honored to receive this recognition. In the future, the city will make even greater efforts to leverage technological innovations to provide more convenient services to its residents and drive tourism and industrial development, ultimately transforming Keelung into a smart and vibrant new port city. (Editor: Lee Xi-zhang) August 30, 2019"
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