Real User Testing of the New Parking Meters - Debunking 4 Common Myths

In Hong Kong, many vehicle owners rely on roadside parking meters for parking. The government recently introduced new parking meters that can be used in conjunction with a mobile app for remote payment and even to check the availability of parking meter spaces, making it much more convenient. This time, we would like to share some common points to keep in mind with everyone.


Make good use of the remaining time available.

The most common parking scenario is having surplus time remaining after paying for the parking meter.

This test happens to involve starting with a 30-minute parking meter session, and there are 17 minutes of remaining time. If you wish to immediately extend it to a full 30 minutes, all you need to do is connect to the 'e-Payment for Parking Meters' app. After 2 minutes, you can remotely add 15 more minutes. This way, you don't have to stand by the parking meter, exposed to the sun or rain.

On 'e-Payment for Parking Meters,' you can purchase up to two segments of 'maximum parking time' (including the remaining time initially on the parking meter). Just like this example, the last parking session had 17 minutes remaining, and after 2 minutes, there were 15 minutes left. You can initiate the first extension, which extends the parking time to 30 minutes. Then, after another 15 minutes (at 11:17), the meter has 15 minutes remaining again, allowing you to initiate the second extension. In total, you can enjoy 47 minutes of parking time through 'e-Payment for Parking Meters.' If you enable notifications, you will receive a reminder 15 minutes before it expires, so you won't have to worry about forgetting to extend your parking session.

Make sure to ensure that the app data is in the most up-to-date state.

After purchasing parking time on-site, it's best to confirm that the app and the time displayed on the parking meter have been updated before leaving. If the time hasn't updated after a while, you can call 2332 3700 to seek assistance from a representative.

The connection between 'e-Payment for Parking Meters' and the parking meter is actually set up based on the logged-in user. If you're unable to purchase parking time, you can check your phone's connection status. Once the connection is restored, you will see the latest screen. However, if you accidentally press 'disconnect,' you will need to return to the parking meter to purchase parking time.

The parking space status can be manually updated.

One of the most convenient features of the 'e-Payment for Parking Meters' app is that you can check the status of parking meter spaces. Before driving to a parking spot, you can see in advance whether there are available spaces, saving you a wasted trip. To conserve mobile data, the app only updates the status when you're actively searching for parking spaces on the mobile screen's map. If you want to see the latest status, remember to refresh the map on the mobile screen, but, of course, don't use your phone while driving!

Although parking time updates automatically, you can also manually refresh it. Users can tap the screen to update the status, ensuring that the data is the most current and accurate.

Remember to scan the correct QR code.

To connect the 'e-Payment for Parking Meters' app to the parking meter, you need to scan a QR code. However, please remember to scan the QR code on the parking meter's screen after pressing the QR code scan button in the 'e-Payment for Parking Meters' app, not the QR code on the parking meter sticker (which is only for connecting to the 'e-Payment for Parking Meters' app download page).

When it's raining, scanning the QR code on the parking meter screen can be challenging. In such situations, simply wiping the screen with a tissue to make the display clearer significantly improves the success rate of scanning. The new parking meter is quite user-friendly and practical. It makes parking for drivers much more convenient. Hopefully, the above usage tips can help everyone better understand how to make the most of the new parking meter!

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