Wireless Sensor System

Sensing everything to provide preventive Big Data

Why is Important?

Sensors are the foundation of IoT, able to obtain and multi data collection. All sensors are distributed around the city area and collect a big data. All data will send to cloud database. The system will generate, analyze and arrange the data. The result of data will help and create a huge economy and society value.


  • We can monitor the security of the entire city and provide the necessary precautions
  • Plug & Sense sensor: easy to make sensor network
  • Smart Environment: detect air quality, variety of gases and harmful to human danger, poisoning and explosion prevention
  • Smart Cities: cover applications in urban spaces such as the waste container levels, structural health and noise maps
  • Smart Water: monitor water quality in rivers, lakes and the sea
  • Smart Agriculture is designed to perform crop monitoring quality, selective irrigation and conditions control in greenhouses
  • Smart Security: detection of perimeter intrusions and on events such as water presence and door and window openings
  • Ambient Control: allows to create basic environment parameters monitoring using the temperature, humidity and luminosity sensors
  • Radiation Control: is designed to measure the radioactivity levels. It includes a Geiger sensor which detects gamma and beta particles

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