Smart Parking Meter Solution ④

Smart Parking Meter Management Features

Fast construction : Small footprint is ideal for various special locations. It occupied an area of 0.04 square meters only.
No need the power line. The average construction time for each parking meter is 20 minutes.
Redundant power design : 2 rechargeable batteries to back up each other for the smart parking meter. The battery usage time is 3 months but depend on the service hours and transactions.
The meter equip with 5W solar power panel with low illumination charging function which can extend the meter usage time.
High-strength aluminum alloy : It is resistant to impact and damage with high degree of protection against water and dust up to IP66 level
Radar and Enforcement Camera : Built-in 2 Radar sensors, The detection success rate is up to 99.8%
Built-in 2 Full HD cameras with LED flashlight for 2 parking space are used to take pictures of vehicles when parking.
The pictures are to the Cloud backend system for license plate recognition as evidence or enforcement purpose.

  • Readable under sunlight : 6 inches E-Paper with ultra low power consumption and clearly display under sunlight, LED auxiliary lighting for reading at nighttime.
  • Support multiple payments : Support Mifare card (or SONY) and Credit Card , or by scanning QR Code to provide various payments etc.
  • Gesture Control : The Human-Machine Interface of the payment machine adopts the newest technology "gesture control", no need to touch operation button, to avoid the virus infection such as COVID-19.
  • 4G/5G modem & Data Encryption : The parking meter equip with 4G or 5G modem to communicate with Cloud backend system to transmit picture and data for billing or enforcement.
  • The data transaction adopts high Security Access Module hardware encryption (SAM card) to avoid hacker attacks

Smart Parking Meter Operation - Tainan Yong Hua Road

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