Real-time Audio/ Video Emergency System

24 hours protection, Safe City, people feel relieved

Why is it Important?

With a comprehensive network of emergency devices, remote two-way intercom and monitoring Real-time Audio/Video Emergency Systems for cities and their residents 24-hour safety and the ability to react to unexpected situations.

Easily Connect with the police or relevant emergency response services. It will quickly and efficiently provide a cities citizens with relief and protective measures establishing trust between a city its citizens.


  • Emergency call button triggers a two-way conversation intercom.
  • Real-time video monitoring: Built-in hidden CMOS Camera (security center can communicate with the user on-site)
  • Remote intercom and monitoring applications- In the absence of activating an alarm state, still be able to view a live image
  • Allows the user to view their cameras through an Internet connection from a computer or a 3G phone.
  • With electronic map, quickly grasp the location and site conditions
  • No active alarm status still views real-time images
  • Alarm footage for evidence

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