Hover Touch Smart Parking Meter



Product Features
  • Hover Touch: Hands-Free Control within 3 cm
    Prevent virus transmission through hand contact with the panel.
  • Can manage up to 9 parking spaces at most.
  • No power line setup, can be installed quickly within 20 minutes.
  • Dual Backup Battery + Solar Panel.
  • 4G Communication + Security Module (SAM)
    Certified with international security standard FIPS 140-2 level 2.
  • 99.8% success rate for vehicle detection.
  • Low-light, high-dynamic-range camera module.
  • Multiple Payment Options: Prepaid Card or QR Code.
  • 7.8-inch reflective LCD: Clear visibility of the screen under strong light.
  • Modular Design: Quick maintenance within 3 minutes.
  • Full machine aluminum alloy structure, certified with IP66 rating.

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