UAV-Relieve and Patrol

We are not just ordinary UAVs but may serve as a mission commercial UAV

Why is it Important?

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), or as some call them, drones, have the ability to perform tasks humans are unable to do, whilst reducing the costs associated with these tasks that would in many cases be preventatively high.
The wide range of applications include.
• Environmental monitoring
• Infrastructure inspection
• Disaster Prevention and Rescue Service
• Collect crop health and yield real-time data
• To grasp land development
• Grasp space news (Aerial mapping application, 3D real builds, Land survey, flood control)
• Guard & Patrol
• Media communications (Disaster, Theater...quickly grasp and Tourism applications...)
• Telecommunications Services
• Logistics
• Big data collection


  • Can cope with sudden or temporary destination path change
  • Long distance high-definition video transmission technology
  • Transmit real-time 4K 30fps or Full HD 60 fps live video or 20 million pixels, 2.5 fps multi-stream high-definition image of the target
  • Only 40% of the structure of the empty weight of the aircraft industry at the same level
  • More instruments could be payload, more endurance
  • Camera provides 2.9 times zoom.
  • Long distance a wide range of territory and sea.
  • Real-time data collection, transmission, abnormal communications and large data analysis techniques

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