Smart Pole Solution ③

All In One Smart Pole Solution

1. Intelligent street light :
Remote switch, dimming plan, OTA software upgrade, fault alarm.
2. AI Intelligent Monitoring System :
real-time monitoring system,traffic flow monitoring, traffic flow speed,traffic flow technology, event detection, traffic violation.
3. Digital signage : message dissemination, advertising.
4. Atmospheric environment and air pollution sensor :
can detect PM2.5, PM10, humidity, wind speed, noise ......, etc.; real-time monitoring, statistical analysis of published data.
5. Emergency call and broadcasting system :
Emergency call directly to the command center, responding to emergency public events; emergency warning,downloading broadcast audio files from the control center.
6. Charging Toon :
Accurate measurement of battery information and power status; Cloud platform supports efficient distribution without waiting in line ; Simplified charging process; Charging pile location and operation status displayed on the map.

  • Smart Lighting : The expertised control logic with different kinds of communications such as Zigbee, LoRa, NB IoT, LTE etc.
  • Smart Pole : The newly designed smart pole that carries multiple devices such as Camera, Digital Signage, Weather Station, Wi Fi , Charging Pile and 5G small cell or base station etc.
  • Smart City : The system not only controls streetlight but provides full scalability to connect with various devices and to make the city smart and future-oriented.

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