Intelligent Solar Power Streetlights

Sustainable development resource and without any pollution

Why is it Important?

Solar energy is one of the key resources for sustainable development. Environmentally friendly, providing clean safe energy for the inhabitants of any city, whilst reducing carbon emissions and the green house effect.

Intelligent Solar Power Streetlights provide an inexpensive and efficient solution to the higher electricity tariffs and insufficient power supply to cities with the most need of an efficient solution. Being able to detect light changes over time and automatically executing the On / Off switch accordingly. Once the lights are on Intelligent Solar Power Streetlights utilize the inbuilt light dimming capabilities to adjust brightness according to ambient light activity and extend battery life. The Solar Power Streetlights’ smart efficient battery capacity extends its power supply in the absence of daylight.


  • Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • Detect solar power output to check day or night, turn on/off street light automatically
  • Detect battery capacity, automatically adjusts the brightness of LED lights (power) to extend battery life
  • Capable of wireless network (option)
  • Li-ion battery
  • High Efficiency LED street light up to 144 lm/w

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