Digital Signage Solution ③

Ultra lower power Reflective LCD Digital Signage

Under strong light, in order to resist external interference, the general LCD screen must increase the brightness of the backlight to make the picture clear, which invisibly causes the device to consume more power. Reflective LCD panel uses ambient light and sunlight as the main light source, reflecting the external light source, the stronger the sun, the clearer the screen, without additional power consumption; the backlight is only turned on in the dark room or when the light source is insufficient, and it is both light and low power consumption.


  • Sunlight visibility: strong readability under direct sunlight
  • Ultra-low power consumption: Compared with high-brightness LCD, power consumption is reduced by up to 95%
  • Stunning visual effects: Full-HD resolution, 16.7 million colors
  • All weather: wide operating temperature range (-20˚C to +70˚C), durable
  • Lightweight: No bulky backlight or cooling system
  • Comfort: Reduce blue light emission
  • Long lasting: no backlight, no LED attenuation, low power consumption
  • Front edge lighting enhances the visual reading effect of the content at night

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